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Bloody Monroe 

Bloody Monroe is a new hard rock/heavy metal band based out of Calgary, Alberta Canada. Bloody Monroe consists of Michael Green (Vocals/Guitar), Maxwell McFadyen (Bass), and Jordan Stubbs (Drums). Bloody Monroe is a young but experienced, well versed group, hungry and ready to make an impact within the music industry and live music scene.

Bloody Monroe encompasses the overall vision of Michael Green. Michael has struggled for many years battling poverty, depression and finding talented musicians who want to be taken seriously. Michael started Bloody Monroe in Toronto in 2011 after quitting his previous band while finishing college. Due to the state of the mainstream and it's absolute absence of rock oriented music, combined with re-occurring recessions and musicians brainwashed into developing addiction issues. Michael eventually "quit" music for approximately 3 and a half years as he was tired of living in poverty while having 3 post secondary diplomas acquire dust in his closet. Michael moved to Alberta in 2014 with no intention of playing music professionally ever again.  


It became evident something was missing... 


In 2017 Michael began re-recording failed demos of the past and began looking for musicians within the Calgary area. Michael eventually found a drummer named Nathan Raboud and the pair began rehearsing and recording in late 2018. The two began looking for bass players to complete the lineup. After a few auditions and many unresponsive music ads, Michael remembered seeing a killer bass player along Calgary's infamous Red Mile stealing the entire show with his funky bass groove and killer solos. With studio time booked to record Bloody Monroe's first EP at The Beach Studios in Calgary, Max finally answered Michael's long list of voicemails. Max became immediately interested in the band when he learned that studio time had been booked and could see how serious Michael was about progressing as a band. Two weeks and only two rehearsals later, Bloody Monroe was in the studio recording their first EP "How to bury a billionaire..."   


Bloody Monroe released their first 3 song EP entitled How to bury a billionaire... in October of 2019. Within 4 weeks of Bloody Monroe’s EP release “Only You” was chosen to be showcased on X92.9 Calgary’s Alternative radio Xposure with DJ host Matt Berry. 

Bloody Monroe re-entered the studio in January of 2020 to record their new single "Over Again." The single was released on May 29th on all major streaming platforms. The group's debut music video had also premiered for the track. The debut music video displayed various clips from the band in the studio, on the road and performing on stage. The promotion video for the single has exceeded 40,000 views to date. 

Bloody Monroe has not let the Covid-19 pandemic slow them down, within the time of the pandemic Bloody Monroe has recorded it's first full length album "Some Like It Heavy" and have released 4 music videos to showcase. While playing whatever local concerts the band could get it's hands on, Michael met concert booking agent Brandy Leigh, the two hit it off as they were very much in the same headspace when it came to work, vision and business. Through Brandy, Bloody Monroe then signed on with Big Records a new recording label based out of Vancouver BC. Around this time it was starting to become apparent that Nathan wouldn't be able to commit fully to the band as Bloody Monroe was preparing to tour the Us and Europe under their new accommodating business partners. Jordan Stubbs contacted a mutual musician friend of Michael's and informed him that he was interested in the spot and wanted to make Bloody Monroe a career. A few rehearsals and band meetings later, Jordan was in. The group is now ready to make an impact showcasing their material on the local, national and international scene.  



" I came from a punk rock and country type of background so when I first heard the songs I actually had to think...Can I play these songs? I knew they were out of my wheelhouse. But I liked the tunes because I knew it would make me a better drummer and overall musician. I also just like going after things that are down right hard because I have a mind that never stops and it makes me feel like a person when I achieve things that seem like they can't be achieved. We also have a tour coming up in the US and that's exciting. Being in a band with Michael and Max is like being in a band with cake, it's tasty."  


"Three musicians from wildly different backgrounds come together to create music that’s as accessible as it is undefinable. Bloody Monroe agonizes over every note so that you don’t have to!"


"I've been to hell and back several times trying to put this band together and release these songs. It's cost me everything in life. Close relationships with family, close relationships with friends, non existent girlfriends, thousands upon thousands of dollars I don't have, not to mention my own sanity and physical well being. When people listen to Bloody Monroe they're listening to years and years of struggle, pain, relentless frustration and literally everything I am as a human being. I hope they think the music isn't complete shit."

"How to bury a billionaire..." and "Some Like It Heavy" are available on all streaming and downloading music platforms.


Visit www.bloodymonroe.com for more updates.