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Bloody Monroe 
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​Bloody Monroe is a new heavy metal/hard rock band from Toronto ON, Canada. Bloody Monroe consists of Michael Green and David Foster. Bloody Monroe is a young but experienced, well versed group, hungry and ready to make an impact within the music industry and live music scene.

Bloody Monroe encompasses the overall vision of Michael Green. Michael has struggled for many years battling poverty, depression and finding talented musicians who want to be taken seriously. Michael started Bloody Monroe in Toronto in 2011 after quitting his previous band while finishing college. Due to the state of the mainstream and it's absolute absence of rock oriented music, combined with re-occurring recessions and musicians brainwashed into developing addiction issues. Michael eventually "quit" music for approximately 3 and a half years as he was tired of living in poverty while having 3 post secondary diplomas acquire dust in his closet. Michael moved to Alberta in 2014 with no intention of playing music professionally ever again.  


It became evident something was missing... 


In 2017 Michael began re-recording failed demos of the past and began looking for musicians within the Calgary area. Michael eventually found a drummer named Nathan Raboud and the pair began rehearsing and recording in late 2018. The two began looking for bass players to complete the lineup. With studio time booked to record Bloody Monroe's first EP at The Beach Studios in Calgary, a local bass player named Max McFadyen finally answered Michael's long list of voicemails. Max became immediately interested in the band when he learned that studio time had been booked and could see how serious Michael was about progressing as a band. Two weeks and only two rehearsals later, Bloody Monroe was in the studio recording their first EP "How to bury a billionaire..."   


Bloody Monroe released their first 3 song EP entitled How to bury a billionaire... in October of 2019. Within 4 weeks of Bloody Monroe’s EP release “Only You” was chosen to be showcased on X92.9 Calgary’s Alternative radio Xposure with DJ host Matt Berry. 

Bloody Monroe re-entered the studio in January of 2020 to record their new single "Over Again." The single was released on May 29th on all major streaming platforms. The group's debut music video had also premiered for the track. The debut music video displayed various clips from the band in the studio, on the road and performing on stage. The promotion video for the single has exceeded 40,000 views to date. 

Bloody Monroe has not let the Covid-19 pandemic slow them down, within the time of the pandemic Bloody Monroe has recorded it's first full length album "Some Like It Heavy" and have released 4 music videos to showcase. While playing whatever local concerts the band could get it's hands on, Around this time Max was offered a scholarship in Montreal to finish his music degree and Nathan was unable to continue Bloody Monroe due to outside commitments. Michael has been forced to hire temporary fill in musicians ever since. In late August of 2022 Michael called his long time close personal friend Jesse Korniew informing him that he would be moving back home to Toronto. Jesse mentioned that our mutual longtime friend Dave Foster's band had broken up for similar reasons and that the both of them should talk about the possibility of collaborating together. Dave Foster is the former drummer and creator of Mabachus (disbanded) who was in a mirror factory explosion in Switzerland killing 18 which put him in a coma for 8 months. He had rehabilitation for another 8 months and subsequently had to relearn to play the drums backwards. He is the inventor of the drumming technique whereby he stimulates his pineal gland with a series of mouth and tongue clicks to better control his movement. Within the next few weeks Mike and Dave spoke several times back and forth about their vision of the band and set up an action plan to get things moving forward. Within a month of moving home to Toronto Mike and Dave were quickly well rehearsed and ready to hit the Toronto live scene as they have both done many times before throughout their lives, but this time together as Bloody Monroe.  



"I've been to hell and back several times trying to put this band together and release these songs. It's cost me everything in life. Close relationships with family, close relationships with friends, non existent girlfriends, thousands upon thousands of dollars I don't have, not to mention my own sanity and physical well being. When people listen to Bloody Monroe they're listening to years and years of struggle, pain, relentless frustration and literally everything I am as a human being. I hope they don't think the music is complete shit."



"Bloody Monroe is the future of all propaganda, specify targeted towards your obese, miss informed, ill informed, uneducated, undisciplined children. I like to think that I bring the best damn genre fusing rhythm alchemy in the land to Bloody Monroe. My live metal jazz fusion "Rhythm Alchemy" style is a must-see for any concert-goers and/or music aficionados."  

"How to bury a billionaire..." and "Some Like It Heavy" are available on all streaming and downloading music platforms.


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