Origin:  Calgary, AB, Canada

Genres:  Hard Rock, Alternative, Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, call it what you want ...

Years Active:  2018- Present


Label: Independent

Website: www.bloodymonroe.com 

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Bloody Monroe is a new hard rock/heavy metal band based out of Calgary, Alberta Canada. Bloody Monroe consists of Michael Green (Vocals/Guitar), Maxwell McFadyen (Bass), and Nathan Raboud (Drums). Bloody Monroe is a young but experienced, well versed group, hungry and ready to make an impact within the music industry and live music scene.

Bloody Monroe released their first 3 song EP entitled How to bury a billionaire... in October of 2019. Within 4 weeks of Bloody Monroe’s EP release “Only You” was chosen to be showcased on X92.9 Calgary’s Alternative radio Xposure with DJ host Matt Berry.


Bloody Monroe are on track to record new heavy hitting singles throughout 2020, while filming new music videos and adding additional merchandise to their store. Bloody Monroe plan on showcasing their material live all over Southern and Northern Alberta with continued ventures in British Columbia, cities across the country and eventually hitting the United States and Europe.


How to bury a billionaire... is available on all streaming and downloading music platforms.


Visit www.bloodymonroe.com for more updates.


Concert Listings 
Nathan Raboud
Drum Workshop Drums Collector Series, Black Panther Snare,  
Zildjian K thin high hats,19' Zildjian Kerope crash, 21' Sabian Vintage ride, 17' Paiste fast crash. Yamaha stands Promark Shira Kashi oak Neal Peart-drumsticks
Maxwell McFadyen
MarkBass Mini CMD 121P Pedal Boss BB-1X Bass Driver Ibanez Gio, Fender Jazz Bass Fretless 
Michael Green
Fender Jaguar, Ibanez Iceman, EMG Pickups, D'Darrio Strings, 
Jim Dunlop, Levi, Boss, Ibanez TS9, Jim Dunlop Crybaby, Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Sure, Yorkville  

Record LabelIndependent  

Management : bloodymonroebooking@gmail.com

Booking :          bloodymonroebooking@gmail.com 

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