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Decimate Open Air Metal Festival

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Bloody Monroe have been added to Decimate Metal Fest on September 11 2021

located at High River Brewing Company 510 21st Street SE, High River AB.

$25 Door

Show starts at 11 am

Band Times

9:30 pm Illyrian

8:25 pm The Unending

7:20 pm Syryn

6:15 pm Outlays of Ravenhurst

5:15 pm Me Three

4:15 pm Dorian's Mirror

3:15 pm Gratuitous Platypus

2:15 pm Balrogath

1:30 pm Mixed Blame

12:45 pm Bloody Monroe

12:00 pm School of Rock

11:25 am Cale Michael

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