Bloody Monroe signs to new recording label

Last week Bloody Monroe and Blood Red Records

signed a 1 year deal with newly created Big Records Ltd based out of Vancouver British Columbia. Bloody Monroe was referred to the owner of the new label (Mark Rosner) by their newly acquired booking agent (Brandy Leigh). After a heavy readthrough of contract and business law, a few days of discussion, a few days of contemplating and a 30 minute zoom meeting between the 3 party's...

Bloody Monroe signed to Big Records Ltd.

Bloody Monroe now have worldwide distribution through Sony Music/The Orchard.

So what does this mean....?

All it means right now is that Bloody Monroe has a team behind them to help them do what they've already been doing, but on a much bigger scale. There are some serious talks about some pretty exciting things. Regardless of what may, or may not happen, Bloody Monroe will continue to keep moving forward regardless of the circumstances positive or negative.

Debut Album December 10th 2021